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PowerStar and PowerNet are very similar except for their application.PowerStar is designed for radial or star type of circuit configuration. Also, PowerStar can handle a combination of phase to neutral, phase to phase or three phase loads. PowerNet, on the other hand, will handle meshed or ring main circuit configuration. Also, PowerNet will calculate phase to earth, phase to phase or three phase faults.

 The three main steps in analyzing a circuit are drawing the circuit single line diagram, entering data for each symbol in the circuit, calculating and displaying results.
The first step involves selecting symbols from the symbol panel and positioning them on screen by dragging and rotating them. The symbols are then joined by drawing the appropriate connecting lines to form the circuit.
Data for each symbol in the diagram must be filled in. Double clicking a symbol activates the data entry from for that symbol. An equipment, cables and device database can be used to automatically fill in the values for the data fields.
When the calculate button is activated, PowerNet or PowerStar starts analyzing the circuit. After checking that the circuit is properly drawn and all data are valid, it models the circuit.
After calculation, hover the mouse over or click a symbol to display the properties and electrical data for the symbol. 

A wide range of equipment, cables and device classes are included.
* Resistance, reactance, impedance
* Conductors, cables,bus bars
* Transmission Lines (PowerNet)
* Transformers
* Synchronous motors and generators
* Induction motors
* Distribution boards, MCC, panelboards (PowerStar)
* Loads
* Source bus (network grids)
* Power reactors and capacitors

Both system of measurement are supported. The measurement units affect only cable sizes and lengths. The initial settings are based on the regional settings of your Windows installation. However, you can override the settings for individual circuits.

Both 50 hz and 60 hz are supported. The system frequency affects only the device database and transmission line calculations.

There are no limits imposed by the software. However, a practical limit is imposed by the resolution and size of the screen to display the circuit without scrolling.

All system voltages from low voltage through to medium to high voltage are supported. The database includes typical values but does not limit voltage used in the software.

PowerStar and PowerNet are "standards neutral". Calculations are based on commonly accepted electrical engineering equations.

The following lists the minimum operating platform to run PowerNet or PowerStar.
* Windows PC
* 50 MB free hard disk space
* Monitor with SVGA or better resolution
* OS - Windows XP, 7, 8, 10

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