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Software crafted to meet your electrical engineering requirement for quick and easy circuit design and analysis.
PowerStar Electrical for calculation of radial or star type of circuit distribution. Calculate single phase, three phase and unbalanced loads.
PowerNet Circuits for calculation of meshed or ring main type of circuit network. Calculate balanced three phase load flow and short circuit calculations.

Smart electrical software tools

PowerStar and PowerNet are similar software tools with identical user interface and same features:

Powerful Capable of simulating multi-voltage power generation and distributionsystems. Both software can be used to analyze existing electrical systems or new electrical system design project . Great for testing what-if scenarios.

Flexible Both will handle imperial or metric units, 50 or 60 hz, low voltage to extra high voltage. PowerStar will calculate any combination of single phase and three phase loads. PowerNet will calculate line to ground short , double line and three phase to ground short circuit. And more...

Easy to use Create circuits in minutes using common windows actions like cut, copy, paste and mouse drag, drop and clicks. After calculation, simply mouse over any symbol in PowerStar or PowerNet to display electrical data, voltage and current vectors.

Affordable Get all the capabilities and features of high end software for the cost of many software that does little more than cable sizing and voltage drop calculations. PowerStar and PowerNet cost only a fraction of similar electrical engineering software. Both are now heavily discounted, but not for long.

Start using PowerStar and PowerNet now by downloading the free version. Use it free for quick and easy drawing of circuits for reports and presentations. Save the file or print it. To calculate and more detailed analysis of the circuit,  get the full license on the prices page. You will receive your activation code by email.

About Us

Megasys Software is a software company based on the central coast, north of Sydney, Australia. It was first incorporated in New South Wales in 1994.
Since then, we have sold many of our popular software package to clients around the world. Majority of applications include mines , industrial plants, commercial buildings, and universities.
Our main mission is to provide Electrical Power Engineers with practical, easy-to-use analysis and calculation software packages and utilities. 

Our Clients

Our products were purchased by corporations, universities, and organizations around the world. Below is a list of just a few of our clients that have used our software over the years.

  • Lincoln Scott Australia P/L
  • Sanitarium Health Food Co.
  • BHP Steel Colliers Division
  • Commonwealth Industrial Gases Ltd
  • Papua New Guinea Electricity Commission
  • Capricorn Coal Management
  • Australian Antarctic Division
  • Transfield Construction
  • Commonwealth Serum Laboratories
  • ORD Sugar Pty LTd
  • Kvaemer Boving (ANZ)Pty Ltd.
  • Penrice Soda Products Pty Ltd.
  • Lihir Gold
  • Mt Leyshon Gold Mines
  • United Energy Ltd
  • Davao Light & Power Co., Inc
  • Western Power Corporation
  • Queensland Electricity
  • Pine Rivers Shire Council
  • Harhischfeger of Australia P/L
  • Jurutera Perunding Berdua SDN. BHD.
  • Fiji Electricity Authority
  • GHD Pty Ltd
  • Commonwealth Steel Co Ltd
  • Hazelwood Power Corporation
  • Western Mining Corporation
  • Incitec Pty Ltd
  • Worley Pty Ltd
  • Springvale Coal Pty Ltd
  • Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji
  • NSW Department of Mines & Energy
  • NSW Dept of Mineral Resources
  • Davy John Brown Pty Ltd
  • Bechtel Australia Pty Ltd
  • Schneider Electric

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